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  1. Please avoid use of strong perfume or deodorant.
  2. Please take your shoes off at the entrance and wear slippers.
  3. Please don't wear the special toilet slippers outside the bathroom.
  4. If there is water in the bathtub, please wash outside the bathtub before entering the water. DON'T put soap in the bath water.
  5. Please wear modest clothing and cover any tattoos.
  6. If your host family provides a futon (bedding on the floor), please fold it up in the morning after use.
  7. Please don't leave garbage on the floor or bathroom counter.
  8. When disposing of garbage, please use assigned bins:
  9. Turn off lights, heaters and air-conditioners when not in the room.
  10. Most Japanese bathe at night. Please ask, if you want to use the shower in the morning.
  11. Please talk slowly and clearly.
  12. Most Japanese go to bed around midnight. Please talk quietly after this.
  13. Please rinse any dishes in the sink after use and dispose of food waste.
  14. Please don't leave dirty clothing on the floor. Most Japanese wash clothing nearly every day.